Catwalk Purz

We have been raising/breeding Persians and Himalayans as well as Exotic Shorthairs for 12 years and are registered with the CFA. 

My name is Delphene Balan and I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada.  I have a very small cattery where my girls and guys are raised underfoot and cageless.  I spend alot of time with my queens and kings and am proud to say ALL of our feline fur-family have tested NEGATIVE for: PKD,Feline Leukemia, FIV 

My husband and I have a little daughter, Nadia who loves to help snuggle the babies and moms and insists one of the moms sleep on her bed each night.


We do have a black lab and maltese.  Both Max and Lucy love the kittens and if one kitten is separated from mom (being weaned) and is left over from the litter and has not yet been placed, the kitten adopts Lucy and Max as snuggle friends and I find the kitten sleeping with them more often than not.

The health and well-being of each kitten and cat is of utmost importance to us at CatwalkPurz.  You can be rest assured that each contract envelopes a health guarantee along with forever open communication, whereby, you will have ongoing assistance raising your pet from CatwalkPurz.....Delphene of CatwalkPurz


PHONE: 780.616.6896