Catwalk Purz

FurrB's Glistening Ice of Catwalk Purz

Okanagan Black Jack of Catwalk Purz

Attractions Tim Tebow of Catwalk Purz

Giovanni Versace

 What can we say about Gio?  HE'S A BRAT!!! He is always in a time out for something!  I think that is what we love about him though.  He WAS the quietest one in the litter but soon became bratiest!  I think after his brother left (who we called d'gio) Giovanni assumed his role and constantly keep us wondering if he really IS a persian!  He is not demure nor is he an ornament!  He bonded with our little Girl Nadia and then are best friends.  As soon as she sits down or goes to bed, he hops up for a goodnight kiss.  He is just precious through and through.  He is an intact male and has full run of the house and doesn't spray or mark his territory. We are blessed with his presence in our home.

Giovanni as a kitten (below)

 Giovanni as a big boy but still a kitten


Rhett Butler

 Look at those cartoon-like eyes!!!