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      Kitten Care Recommendations




PLEASE REMEMBER:  your new addition to your family has to adjust to new surroundings.  It is important to keep baby away from other pets until they get used to a new environment filled with strange sounds,  sights and smells.  If your kitten is timid and hides for a couple of days, please know this is totally within reason.  Every kitten reacts to their new environment in their own way but it doesn’t mean they will be a timid scared skittish kitten, if they, at first are withdrawn.  Their experience of the transition is different from a kitten who  walks out of a carrier purring.  That is all.  Once that kitten trusts you, you will have a friend for life and the bond may be stronger than  the kitten who trusts everyone. 



My favorite food for a new kitten is: Nature's Harvest All stages Holistic made by Natural Pet Foods- dry mixed with wet every other feeding (until 1 year,  kitten feeds morning and night)


If you notice your kitten's stools are a bit 'loose' try feeding them a bit of canned pumpkin *not pumpkin pie filling*, rather than taking them to the vet and putting them on dosages of antibiotics. They love canned pumpkin and may just need this home remedy to keep stools move smoothly. great fibre supplement for cats/kittens.

However, common sense tells you that if  the 'pumpkin' doesn't work, a visit to the vet may be in order.

When introducing different food and water to a new kitten, their bowels may need to adjust and thus they may be consitpated or develop loose stools. By mixing new food with familiar food, they will have less bowel stress and will be fine. Their little bums may need to be trimmed if they have problems with excrement adhering to their fur.

Both my cats and kittens love goats milk and it is not harmful to their digestive system, nor does it give the cat or kitten loose stools/diarreha.


USE ONLY glass dishes.  The steel bowls don't encourage kitten to drink water (they don't like the tainted taste).  Never use plastic bowls .

Do not use filtered water.  The carbon filter used in this process, makes kittens sick.


Persians may need to have their faces cleaned every so often and contact lens cleaner containing a saline solution does this well.

Use tearless pet shampoo when bathing kittens.  When they get older, they may need a vinegar rinse on their body only.  We dilute  1/2 cup vinegar in a 1 liter jug of warm water and it removes any grease from their coat.  Regular brushing and blowdrying, make cats look forward to grooming. NOTE: When this grooming is done once in a while if there is a tangle, kittens and cats are stressed and thus make it a very difficult procedure. 

Again, their little bums may need to be trimmed if they have problems with excrement adhering to their fur.

To make kittens claws less sharp, you can clip them with baby nail clippers which have a magnifying glass attached and thus you will be careful to not cut too close to the quick (pinkish/ red part of nail). DO NOT DECLAW.  SEE YOUR CONTRACT!



Until kittens are used to their surroundings, they may get overwhelmed with their space and prefer a more confined area.  All kittens who leave our home are litter trained but rarely given the freedom of the whole house as this is too much room for them and they may forget or choose other spaces to go to the bathroom. This will make having a pet stressful for owner and pet.  Confinment is comforting to a little kitten.

One thing I have noticed over the years is that cats/kittens rarely like a covered litter box. That is more for us humans than for them.  When they go to the bathroom, they tend to like to have an 'escape' route and feel too confined and vulnerable to potential prey when they are depositing in a covered litter box.

I only use non-clumping cat litter and recommend only that.  If it clumps when wet, it makes sense it would be hazardous to  a cat when they are grooming themselves (licking their fur). I like the natural cat litter made of ground corn cob, it actually does clump and is still safe for kittens and cats.

To Aquire Your Kitten's Registration Papers

In order to have your kitten registered in your name,  as opposed to the name the cattery assigns him/her,  you are not given the registration papers at the time of placement.

At the time the kittens are 6 weeks of age CatWalk Purz registers the litter.

You will receive kitten's registration papers when you provide your kitten's papers saying he/she is altered (spayed or neutered).

If you would like to become a breeder, you will pay an additional amount for your kitten's breeding rights. At that time CatWalkPurz will provide your kitten's registration papers.

If you have any questions please contact me:


Kitten Prices


Each kitten price will vary depending on their features and qualities. Our kittens we regard as pet quality will not be placed with a breeding or show contract and will be priced as low as $400 and a show quality kitten may go for as much as $900 and up.  It won’t matter what you are wanting to do with your kitten as far as pet or show.  It is what we as breeders see as to what the price will be.  So if you are wanting a kitten for only a pet but it is a show quality kitten, you will still pay upwards of $900.  And you will then have the option of obtaining a breeding/show contract.

If you wish to become a breeder an added $500.00 will be added and a breeding contract will be signed. You will have an ongoing relationship and support with Catwalk Purz as well as a genetic health guarantee.  The baby you choose for your family will come with full registration and be well socialized with pets and children.

NOTE - Catwalk Purz has the right to change prices based on kitten's features but for the most part the prices stated above are current.

Enjoy your new little kitten and call us any time you need advice or have concerns regarding your new family member. 

Delphene of Catwalk Purz


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