Catwalk Purz

Furr-B MANDARIN KISSES of CatwalkPurz

Mandy has recently been added to our breeding program. She is a luxurious Flame Point Female who has the loviest and huggiest personality.

Swarovski's Gabanna of Catwalk Purz

 Gabbie is a hoot!   She has attitude and loves attention.  She scratches on her scratching post like mad when she wants a treat.  She keeps us in stitches as she rubs up against our Maltese but then turns on Lucy when she sniffs her out. 



I'm Alone Micha of CatwalkPurz

Micha is da mama. She and Ice make such beautiful babies together. When her and BlackJack make babies it is like napoleon ice cream.  We get a bit of everything and such a beautiful colorful litter to boot!  Micha is like her sister Maui, she is VERY protective and cautions everyone including those she trusts. She protects her babies so well and we love her for that.



Rolyts Dark Demiasis of Catwalk Purz

 Demi is sweet as sweet can be.  She holds her own and will let Ice or Black Jack know when she is needing a man. Otherwise she relaxes and occupies her place on the couch.  She is also known as DEMI - THE FLYING KITTY!  She loves to fly from place to place around the room...she is crazy that way but is THE calmest and sweetest baby of the bunch.

I'm Alone Maui of Catwalk Purz

 Maui is THE best mother of our group.  She is so protective and nurturing.  She does not leave her babies and challenges anyone who comes near them unless she trusts them.  She loves to  chat and get her pets while she talks up a storm.







Charlebois MissyCat of CatwalkPurz

 Missy is a Queen and acts like it.  She is high maintenance but a very giving mother and so nurturing.